Green Party Elects Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry As Its New Co-Leaders

They have promised to champion a second Brexit referendum.
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Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry have been elected the new co-leaders of the Green Party.

The pair, who are among the two most prominent members, became the second to jointly lead the party following Caroline Lucas’ announcement she would not stand for re-election after a two year term as co-leader with Bartley.

The co-leaders launched their leadership by pledging to become the “third political party in Britain” and get a Green politician in every council chamber.

The pair said their party will stand as “the opposite of vapid, old school centrist politics” and would champion a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Bartley said: “We’re proud to lead a party with a track record on the right side of history and are ready to mobilise a fiercer Green resistance than ever before.

“In council chambers across the country Greens are leading a political revolt against the status quo. We are more determined than ever to take the party to the next level. We want to take the Green Party on a course to become the third political party in Britain, building on this year’s local election success to get a Green on every council in England and Wales.”

He added that the Green Party knows politics “isn’t confined to council chambers or the halls of Westminster” and said they were not afraid to join protestors “putting their bodies on the line for what is right”, citing fracking, HS2 and the detention of refugees as key issues.

Berry said the pair were excited to lead the Greens “at this crucial time for our country and party”.

“With Brexit on the horizon and our planet burning, the last thing people need is the stale centrism of the past, which brought us austerity and privatisation – and totally failed to tackle climate breakdown or give people real security and quality of life,” she added.

“We are the only party who can be trusted to stand up for citizens in our nations of England and Wales, instead of the interests of big business or millionaires.”

At the time of the nominations, Lucas, the party’s only MP, said: “I’m really proud of everything the party has achieved so far, and I am excited to see such a wide range of candidates keen to build on this success for the future.

“Britain needs a strong Green voice now more than ever. On issues from Brexit, to rising inequality and the Government’s reckless attitude to our environmental protections and climate targets, Greens will always speak truth to power.

“I will still be doing that in Parliament, and I look forward to seeing ever more Greens joining the national debate.”

The position of deputy leader was also up for election, with Amelia Womack securing re-election for a third term. She said she will continue work on women’s rights, including the campaign to make misogyny a hate crime, as well as work on sustainable communities and the environment.

Bartley and Berry won 74% of the ballot, with 6,239 of a total 8,379 votes cast. Contenders Shahrar Ali and Leslie Rowe received 1,466 and 495 votes respectively.

New deputy leader Womack won with 3,981 of 7,369 total votes cast.


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