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Asked if he had made the comment as reported, the prime minister said: "No."
Ben Wallace says the explosive allegation is "not true".
“We have to get there this century or I don’t think we’ll make it as a species.”
The right to demolish the former Trump Plaza casino is being auctioned to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City.
Boris Johnson won backing for his plan despite a major rebellion from 55 Tory MPs.
Milo, 10: "I want to be Boris Johnson – I mean is there anything scarier than that fool?“
PM needs to show he's learning the lessons of the pandemic so far
Labour's deputy leader accused the "Bullingdon Club blagger" prime minister of always trying to blame others for his government's failings.
Greater Manchester mayor said people should still not have social gatherings in their homes.
The PM said in a TV interview he would "of course" meet with families bereaved by Covid-19, but wrote privately to campaigners to decline their invitations.