13/02/2021 08:23 GMT

Gregg Wallace Was Told He Would Have ‘A Massive Coronary’ In Stark Warning By Doctor

The MasterChef judge has lost four stone after embracing a healthy lifetstyle.

Gregg Wallace has revealed that his body transformation saved him from having “a massive coronary” after his doctor gave him a stark warning about his health.

The MasterChef judge embraced a healthy eating and fitness regime after his cholesterol soared.

Speaking to MailOnline, Gregg says he’s now happier than ever.

“I had enormous cholesterol,” Gregg explained. “The doctor rang me seven years ago and said ‘we’ve got to sort this out right now or you will have a massive coronary.’

“I am pretty fit now but my belly bloats. I am 12 stone and less than 18 percent fat, but my belly bloats so everyone just thinks my diet is bad or I drink loads of beer. I don’t.”

He added: “I love my life. My home life is just more fabulous than it has ever been.”

Mike Marsland via Getty Images
Gregg Wallace

The 56-year-old lives at his home in Kent  wife Anna, their son Sid, 20 months, and his mother-in-law and father-in-law.

Gregg says Anna tends to do most of the housework, alongside his mother-in-law. 

“My wife says ‘if it happens inside the front door, it’s my responsibility.’ I’ve never had a home wife like this before. I didn’t know people like Anna existed, but there’s also the mother-in-law as well. 

“When they know what nights I am going to be home, they send me menus so I can choose my dinner. I get home and my mother-in-law comes and takes the laundry from my car.

“It’s an extraordinary thing and these ladies don’t, in any way, consider their role to be secondary. They say they’re doing the other half of the job.”

Last year, Gregg opened up about his past issues with alcohol, revealing he would start drinking from 10am in his local pub, seven days a week.

The star said his “drink dependency” came to a head in 2005 as he divorced his second wife Denise.

Gregg said his drinking got so bad that the owner of his local pub at the time would let him in while he was “still wearing his dressing gown.”