14/06/2018 16:02 BST | Updated 14/06/2018 16:26 BST

Adele And Stormzy Attend Grenfell Tower Memorial Service

Both stars have been vocal about the tragedy in the last 12 months.

Adele and Stormzy were among the people paying tribute to those who lost their life in the Grenfell Tower disaster on the anniversary of the tragedy.

Thursday marked one year since the blaze, which took the lives of 72 people and a memorial event was held near the site of where the tower block stood in West London.

Many of the victims’ families gathered at a service on Thursday morning, where a 72-second silence was observed to remember those who lost their lives, as well as performances from a choir of ‘Lean On Me’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, the latter of which was covered as a charity single to raise money to help those affected. 

David Mirzoeff - PA Images via Getty Images
A procession followed the service

Among those to seen at the tribute service were Adele and Stormzy, as shown in footage aired by ITV News.

Adele was famously among those who went to Grenfell Tower to help those in need, and later paid a visit to the emergency services who spent a week working in the aftermath of the tragedy “for a cup of tea and a cuddle”.

Rob Petty/Facebook
Adele at Chelsea Firestation

During a June 2017 show at Wembley Stadium, she also called out what she felt was “neglect” in the wake of the disaster, telling those in attendance: “If you don’t want to give money, can you promise me that you will talk about this story? And that you will keep it alive? Because it’s disappearing, and it’s atrocious that it is…

“It is our job as human beings to be compassionate. And if you don’t have a social conscience, you can grow one… it does come with age. But ask questions and demand answers. Because it’s fucking important, it’s fucking important.”

Stormzy was similarly vocal, sharing his disillusionment with the way the government reacted to the tragedy, most notably at this year’s Brit Awards, where he performed a freestyle rap name-checking Grenfell.

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Stormzy at the 2018 Brit Awards

Closing the show, he rapped: “Yo, Theresa May, where’s that money for Grenfell? You thought we just forgot about Grenfell?

“You’re criminals, and you’ve got the cheek to call us savages, you should do some jail-time, you should pay some damages, you should burn your house down and see if you can manage this.”