13/02/2019 10:12 GMT | Updated 13/02/2019 15:58 GMT

Gucci Is Selling Dirty Trainers For £615. Yes, Really.

Have a word.

Gucci is not having a good week. Not only is the brand facing continued backlash for its ‘blackface’ jumper (with CEO Marco Bizzarri calling the garment a “big mistake”), it’s now selling dirty trainers for more than 600 quid. No joke.

Shoppers discovered the pair of trainers – called ‘screener leather sneakers’ – online, referencing “old school shapes and materials inspired by vintage sportswear” and “treated for an allover distressed effect”. Er, ok then Gucci. 

They’re shabby chic, sure. But for £615, you are literally paying for dirty trainers. Lucky for us, they’re also available in a blue and red colour combination.

It’s fashun darling, didn’t you know?

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People on Twitter didn’t hold back their disdain, calling them “an absolute travesty’”

Others called the people who will be buying them, “dumb AF”, and Twitter user Simon Lavis summed up his thoughts on them with a “Yikes”.                                                   

If you don’t have the funds to buy them, just recreate them yourself by walking through mud. In the rain. Dragging your feet. 

Or if you’re looking for a brand-spanking new pair (without the distressed look), we reviewed the best chunky trainers here – not a scuffed heel in sight. 

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