29/06/2017 14:22 BST | Updated 30/06/2017 14:52 BST

Guy Flies From Newcastle To London Via Menorca Because It's Cheaper Than The Train


Train prices are pretty steep, as one 21-year-old recently found out.

Trainee shipping officer Joe Furness recently flew from Newcastle to London via Menorca after discovering it would be cheaper than getting the direct train.

He shared a photo of himself on a beach on Instagram, along with the caption: “I can have a night on a Spanish island, hire a car, have a cocktail on the beach, fly back to London and still have £40 left over, or I could have sat on a train. 

“What would you have rather done?”

Furness claimed that purchasing a Virgin Trains ticket from Newcastle to London would have costed him £78.50 on the day that he needed to travel.

Instead, he opted to fly with Thomas Cook from Newcastle to Menorca for £15.00, then from Menorca to London for £10.99.

He also spent £7.50 on car hire and £4 on a cocktail, leaving him with £40 left over.

According to the Evening Standard, he took the trip abroad “to show just how ridiculous the UK train fares are”. 

HuffPost UK has contacted Virgin Trains for comment and is awaiting response.

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