The transport secretary's announcement went down like a lead balloon.
The rail-mad couple wanted to get married en route in honour of their first date.
Escalator handles, ticket machines, benches and station air were all tested for traces of the virus.
Commuters travelling two or three days per week now have more options.
Fare freezes and part-time season tickets are needed, say rail unions and watchdogs.
Michael Matheson highlighted the "very intense rainfall" in the area and said an increasing number of weather events are impacting the rail network.
A study unearthed two key factors for reducing your risk of catching the virus when travelling by train.
Delhi has about 9,000 beds dedicated to Covid-19 patients, but experts say it will need at least 15,000 beds by the end of June.
Advice for every traveller, whether your Advance or season ticket is with National Rail or London Underground.
If you work part-time, or do a few days a week from home, this could be perfect for you.