Guy Gives Date The Sweetest Gift After She Tells Him She's Vegan

'He's a keeper.'

Forget expensive gifts because sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that are the most touching.

People on Reddit have been swooning after a man gave a thoughtful gift to his vegan date.

“I went on a first date the other day and it came up that I was vegan,” the woman explained.

“On the second date he brought me a couple bunches of kale from his garden. ”

The woman went on to explain that the kale was accompanied by a mixture of leaves from the man’s garden.

His bargain pressie went down a treat online, with many saying the homegrown leaves were better than flowers because “you can eat them”.

“I think he likes you,” user DrRonny said.

User team_pancakes added: “How thoughtful, he’s a keeper.”

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