Genius Invention, The Guzzle Buddy, Turns Your Wine Bottle Into One Big Glass

'Pouring wine is such a chore.'

Taking a bottle of wine to a house party is a bit of a nightmare.

You pour yourself a glass, hide the rest of your bottle under the sink, but low and behold someone always drinks the rest - until now.

A new gadget is preventing every wine-lovers worst nightmare by allowing us to chug our Pinot in one go.

Introducing, the Guzzle Buddy.

Guzzle BuddyAmazon

The Guzzle Buddy is an ingenious invention that allows you to turn your bottle of wine into an oversized vessel, “because everyone loves an extra-large wine glass”.

“Pouring wine is such a chore, so no more wasting time pouring or empty[ing] glasses,” the product’s description reads on Amazon.

“Grab your guzzle buddy and follow these three easy steps. Open your favourite bottle of wine. Insert the guzzle buddy by screwing directly into the top of your bottle. Tilt the bottle and enjoy drinking straight from your wine bottle glass.”

Guzzle BuddyAmazon

The Guzzle Buddy is designed to aerate your glass as you tilt the bottle, giving you “a whole new drinking experience”.

The adapter has proven to be so popular that it’s currently sold out on the UK Amazon site.

However, those determined to get their hands on one can head over to the US site, where the Guzzle Buddy is being sold for $28.99 (£23.67) plus shipping.

Guzzle BuddyAmazon

The makers of the product, manufacturers J Jo, recommend the Guzzle Buddy as a novelty wedding or birthday gift.

Jokes aside, it’s probably not a great idea to chug a bottle of wine in one sitting, so save the Guzzle Buddy for a fun party trick.

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