Gym Buddies #10: Watch This Incredible Visually-Impaired Skier

She reaches speeds of over 70mph.

Aged just 18, Millie Knight is Team GB’s youngest ever winter Paralympian. The visually-impaired skier reaches speeds of over 70mph as she races down the slopes. But she couldn’t do it without her guide and friend, Brett Wild. We spoke to the pair ahead of the winter games in South Korea about how trust and communication is key to their unique relationship.

No matter what your situation, working with someone towards a shared goal is a huge motivator when it comes to fitness. Last night, I headed to a preview class at the new Barry’s Bootcamp in London’s Victoria with a friend. It was gruelling, especially so soon after Christmas, but we got through it together. (Here we are before the class.)

Today, our Gym Buddies columnist Laura Steadman shares her tips on staying motivated and making New Year’s resolutions become lasting lifestyle changes.

Keep on moving.


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