17/01/2018 13:19 GMT | Updated 22/01/2018 10:57 GMT

Gym Buddies #16: This Simple Piece Of Kit Can Transform Your Workout

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I get it. It’s mid-Jan. It’s cold and icy, you’re broke, and if you’re doing Dry January you probably want a drink, too.

It’s a recipe for disaster for your motivation and willpower. But don’t fear, we’ve got your back. In this week’s column, Paralympian Lauren Steadman shares five handy tips for keeping a positive mindset and staying on track.

One option could be mixing up your exercise routine. We’ve fallen in love with resistance bands at HuffPost HQ, which some of you may have used before in Pilates. 

Relatively inexpensive, easily transportable and straightforward to use, using one will transform your workout: adding that extra burn or challenge to your normal bodyweight exercises (more on that below).

I was recently given a resistance band by a physio to help with shoulder pain, but, between us, I’ve been using it to add another level of difficulty to my squats. See what I mean? Versatile.

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