Gym Buddies #6: Should You Work Out On A Hangover?

Sweat or sofa?

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Forgive me for talking about alcohol so early in January, and indeed for those who do not drink at all, but let’s spare a thought for the sore heads who had one too many last night.

There’s a common belief that hitting the gym after a heavy one helps you to “sweat out” alcohol and undo the night before. But, besides from being extremely unappealing compared to a nice warm bed, is there actually any truth in this idea? We asked experts to find out.

After a couple of glasses of wine last night, I have woken up fresh and somehow find myself heading to Brockwell Lido in London to brave the winter waters for the first time. I’ve been inspired by a friend who has recently become a lido regular (and will be holding my hand today) as well as the incredible wild swimmers I spoke to for this piece. Gulp.

Of course, if you’re hangover is too great, it’s too cold for you or you simply can’t be bothered - why not try these stretches at home for better flexibility?

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