27/10/2016 09:07 BST

Halloween 2016: Seven Cheap, Last Minute Costumes At £10 Or Less For Cash-Poor Students

Your last minute costume sorted for £10 or less!

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year on the university calendar and for good reason - it combines all the things students love. 

Fancy dress, drinking and snacks. Sorted. 

But for cash-poor students, it can be difficult to find a decent costume for the spookiest night of the year. 

Never fear: here is the definitive list of the best Halloween costumes for £10 or less.

Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Costume, £10, George at Asda

George at Asda
Pair this witches costume with black lipstick and a book of spells (or a text-book if you don't have one of those lying around) for a wicked Halloween look 

You rocked that witch costume when you were seven - why not resurrect the look for Halloween this year?

This outfit from George at Asda comes with it’s own witches hat and is decorated with snazzy black sequins (because every witch loves a sparkle?) 

It’s a steal at only £10. 

Grim Reaper Horror Robe Costume, £9.99,  

You'll be 'reaping' in the compliments in this costume (or something less cringe)

Look, no-one’s saying this is the most inspired Halloween costume you will see this year. But at just £9.99 from, can you really judge? 

Plus, this uni-sex grim reaper outfit actually looks like it would keep you pretty warm and that IS something to be excited about when it comes to Halloween fancy dress. 

Madam Morticia Costume, £9.99,

Pair with heavy kohl eyeliner white face paint for the perfect Morticia Addams outfit

Inspired by the brilliantly wicked Morticia Addams, all that’s needed to complete this outfit from is some Gothic make-up and a seductive glare. 

Even better news - it’s a penny under budget at £9.99. 

Guts Illusion T-Shirt, £7.99,

You'll be the life of the party in this zombie t-shirt

Now, we all know that a zombie costume is the cheapest Halloween costume you can get - all you really need is old clothes, a pair of scissor, some fake blood and a few minutes of your time. 

But if you don’t want to look like the laziest person at the party, this guts illusion T-shirt from is pretty cool and is only £7.99. 

Ghost Bride, £10, Wilko 

A groom is definitely an optional extra when it comes to this gory bridal gown

Just had a bad break-up? This ghost bride Halloween costume from Wilko is pretty perfect. 

It even comes with its own veil and only costs £10 - need we say more?  

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume, £10, George at Asda  

George at Asda
You'll be life and soul of the party (or maybe not) in this electrifying outfit  

Look, we all know you will take off the mask ten minutes into the night and never see it again. 

But this glow-in-the-dark outfit from George is perfect if you’re going to a club this Halloween and will help your friends to spot you when you inevitably go missing halfway through the night. 

Werewolf Costume, £10, Wilko  

You don't have to wait for a full moon to unleash your inner beast with this werewolf outfit

Been concealing a secret desire to be like hunky werewolf Jacob Black since your 15-year-old girlfriend ‘forced’ you to watch the Twilight films all those years ago? 

All your wishes have come true with this £10 Wilko werewolf outfit. It’s even better if you’re a particularly hairy guy (or girl).