27 Times Harry Styles Made Us Fall More And More In Love With Him


Harry Styles’ star quality was evident from his early days on The X Factor, but 10 years on from finding fame in One Direction, his star is shining brighter than ever.

As well as a hugely successful solo career, Harry is currently making a name for himself in Hollywood too.

With two films set for release in 2022 (as well as rumours of new music), we’re counting up the ways he continues to make us fall more and more in love with him...

1. When Harry and Phoebe Waller-Bridge brought us some much-needed joy by showing off their moves in the Treat People With Kindness video

2. When this Vogue cover shoot dropped...

3. And he had the best response to those criticising him for wearing a dress

4. When Harry had tea with a fan’s dad and fed her pet fish

5. When Harry and Lizzo were friendship goals at the Brit Awards

6. And when they teamed up for a very special version of her smash hit Juice

7. When this Rolling Stone magazine cover was unveiled

8. And the pictures inside were even better than we could have imagined

9. Harry + dog = too much 😍

10. See also: Harry with a micro pig

11. When he managed to make eating a watermelon in a knitted vest and pair of Elton specs look sexy

12. Absolutely everything about the Lights Up video

13. Particularly this

14. And this

15. When he debuted an uncanny Mick Jagger impression

16. When he recorded a story for the Calm app and we could finally feel like we were in bed with him

17. The way he makes his gigs a safe space for his LGBTQ fans

18. When he posed for this photo-shoot, and briefly broke Beauty Papers’ servers

19. When he earned his comedy chops as the host of Saturday Night Live

20. And then wore this glittery Gucci catsuit to perform on the show

21. When he pulled off this hat

22. When Harry co-hosted the camp-themed Met Gala and turned up wearing a Pat Butcher earring and a pussybow

Theo Wargo via Getty Images

23. Speaking of which...

24. When Harry holidayed with Adele and they left a very generous tip for a waiter

25. When he proved it’s possible to have a laugh with your (very famous) ex

26. When he cared for this fish in the video for Adore You

27. And of course, here’s the X Factor audition that endeared him to the world and changed the life of a 16-year-old Harold Edward Styles forever

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