Lush Responds To Rumours Harry Styles Bathed With Their Bath Bombs On His Solo Album Cover

'From one sex bomb to another.'

Harry Styles is in for a treat as Lush has chosen to make him a very sweet gesture in response to rumours about his bathing habits.

Styles’ solo album cover sparked rumours among his fans about what beauty product he had used to turn the water he bathed in a soft bubblegum pink.

A post shared by @harrystyles on

A post shared by @harrystyles on

Many settled on the idea that the colour must have been achieved using a selection from Lush’s famous rainbow array of bath bombs.

And Lush’s ever-helpful staff were keen to help their customers achieve the desired hue.

But that’s not all, once Styles’ love of their bath products was brought to Lush’s attention, they were keen to show him a little love in return. After all:

The Lush team packaged up a bundle of their ‘Sex Bomb’ (£3.75) bath fizzies and popped them in the post to Styles along with a sign that read:

“From one sex bomb to another.”


We’re hoping for a reaction photo from Styles soon.


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