Haunted University Dorm Room Video Documents 'Possessed Room'

'Suddenly we hear some slight knocking.'

A university fresher has uploaded chilling video he says proves his dorm room is 'haunted'.

Paddy C, a first-year student at a university in America, says he became concerned about spooky happenings in his room on his first night there.

He wrote: "Suddenly we hear some slight knocking. I get up, open the door, nobody is outside..."

Later Paddy says he observed: "A creature with impossibly dark skin and twisted, elongated, spider-like limbs would crawl out and skitter up to my ceiling."

<strong>Paddy C, uploaded footage of the 'haunting' to YouTube</strong>
Paddy C, uploaded footage of the 'haunting' to YouTube
Paddy C/YouTube

However, many skeptics have aired their belief the video doesn't in fact document paranormal activity.

One commenter said: "It's f***king airflow get over it."

Another wrote: "Would be more convincing if it was one continuous shot of the door."

Yet Paddy remains convinced. "The effect this had on my sleeping habits was pretty detrimental for a bit," he wrote.

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