Have Eggs With Your Coffee In The Morning? You Might Want To Read This


If you like nothing more than a plate of eggs with a hot coffee first thing in the morning, we’re really sorry but we have bad news for you.

While you don’t need to chuck your coffee habit or stop having your favourite egg-based breakfast, you might want to change the timings on the two.

This is because according to the food experts at Prepped Pots, while this might seem like the dream breakfast duo to kick off your day, you might not be getting the iron-rich benefits of eggs when you wash them down with a coffee. This is because coffee and tea both contain properties that counteract how the body absorbs iron.

Instead, it’s advised that you hold off on the tea and coffee until at least an hour after eating eggs.

In fact, there are a number of food combinations that we should be avoiding in our day to day lives.

Food combinations you should avoid

Pizza and fizzy drinks

Is there anything better than a bottle of your favourite fizzy drink with a pizza? Well, according to your digestive system, almost anything would be an improvement. The refined carbs in pizza paired with the added sugars in fizzy drinks can cause a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels.

Additionally, because pizza is greasy, when it’s mixed with carbonated drinks, it can be rough on your digestive system and lead to an uncomfortably full and bloated feeling. Ouch.

Fruits and cereals

If you have a slightly more sensitive stomach, you may want to avoid combining fruits with grains, even if they seem like a natural combo. This is because there is a difference in digestion time for the two — fruits are easily digested while grains take longer. The two together can cause discomfort.

Eggs and meat

Like nothing more than a good old fry up at the weekend? You might want to switch out the eggs or meat for something else because both of these foods contain high levels of protein and combined, they can lead to protein overload and an uncomfortable stomach. Not the best weekend vibes!

Yoghurts and fruit

Yoghurt with fruit is a healthy combination but it’s how you have the two that matters. Yoghurt is alkaline and popular fruits like blueberries and strawberries are acidic so if this is one of your breakfast faves, instead opt for alkaline fruits like raspberries and bananas.

Brb, I need to work on my meal plan for next week.