24/09/2018 11:31 BST

5 Heartwarming Tweets To Get You Through Monday (Thank Us Later)

Grab a cuppa and settle down...

If you struggled to get out of bed this morning you’re certainly not alone. With the darker starts, colder temperatures and Friday being so very far away, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit ‘meh’.

But fear not, we’re here to inject some joy into your otherwise dreary day with five delightfully positive tweets. Tuesday, here we come.

1. A brave little girl is walking again after spinal surgery.

Lilac is a three-year-old from Cheltenham who lives with diplegic cerebral palsy. Her parents were told by doctors that she might never walk, but she’s slowly proving them wrong. Six months after spinal surgery, she is now able to walk with sticks. Just look at her go!

2. This woman’s heartwarming reaction to free cake on her birthday.

A woman was absolutely delighted to be treated to free cake in a local café on her birthday – a reminder that even the smallest gestures can mean the world.

3. The cat who had a rough start but is now living his best life. 

Fevzi the cat had a pretty horrible start to life – he couldn’t walk properly because he was kicked on the streets. But after cortisone and laser treatment he is now healing. And just look how happy he is now. 

His owner Sarper has 19 rescue cats in total and can often be seen playing music to his beautiful and adoring kitties.

4. The reaction from these parents when their daughter served them on a flight.

An Emirates flight attendant surprised her parents on their flight to Beijing and their reaction to seeing her is all kinds of adorable. No, you’re crying.

5. The three police officers who helped deliver this woman’s baby on the street.

Weihong Yu went into labour on the street on Sunday night and knew the ambulance she called wouldn’t arrive in time. Thankfully three police officers were on hand to deliver her baby. The new mum was assisted by Metropolitan Police officers, PC Burch, PC Williams and PC King, and gave birth just five minutes after their arrival. (Read more here.) Thank goodness they were nearby!