28/07/2016 13:12 BST

Hedge Stolen In Herefordshire Leads To Greatest Local News Story Ever

"Let's hope they get to the root of it. Fir everybody's sake."

STOP THE PRESSES. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE. A hedge has been stolen from a village in Herefordshire.

As local news stories go, this can be quite the interesting scoop - but this particular tale of crime and intrigue has sparked the interest of people from across the country.

Tillington residents Beryl and Michael White called the police when they awoke last Thursday to find 16 conifers had been stolen from outside their village house. Local news site The Hereford Times reported the story, saying: “The couple, in their mid 70s, said it would probably cost about £10 each to replace.”

Hereford Times
"It is a sad reflection of our times that this can happen in rural Herefordshire," bereaved hedge owner Michael White told The Hereford Times

The Hereford Times posted the story on Wednesday, unaware of the viral sensation it would soon become.

Doing what they do best, the fine people of the internet noticed the amusing nature of the story and cracked out some of their finest puns.

The Hereford Times
The Hereford Times
The Hereford Times

Well done, internet.

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