Helen Mirren Took A Tequila Shot On The Oscars Red Carpet Like The Queen She Is

Bow down to Queen Mirren.

Helen Mirren is a boss.

The iconic actress showed the world how it’s done when she took a shot of tequila on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday night. Mirren reportedly threw back the shot like it was water and then did a red carpet interview.

We are simply not worthy.

People on Twitter freaked out over the actress’ blasé approach to tequila shots, tweeting their admiration and love of Queen Mirren.

“Why do we need write-in categories for sexual orientation?” one Twitter user asked. “Because ‘72-year-old Helen Mirren taking a tequila shot on the red carpet’ is never going to be a check box option.”

Another added that they would “murder for Helen Mirren” because of course.

Later in the night, Mirren one-upped herself when she posed with the free Jet Ski (original cost $17,999) that host Jimmy Kimmel offered to the winner who kept their acceptance speech the shortest.

As one person on Twitter put it: “Keep the JetSki, give me Helen Mirren.”