Woman Who Wore Dress Also Owns Bra

The bra has caused 'chaos'.

A woman who wore a dress on Saturday also owns a bra, it has been reported.

There were reports of chaos after the discovery, but the world seemed much the same as it did yesterday.

As well as a bra, the woman also has a degree in journalism, is a qualified tap dancer, has worked in PR, presented BBC Radio Cumbria, Newsround, Blue Peter and published a novel last year.

The woman wore the bra while presenting the biggest sporting event in the world:

The woman was wearing more than many other people in the venue:


Women can often be been seen wearing bras and dresses, even in the UK.

The bra and dress can be bought on the high street and both are available to anyone.

Tonight the woman will wear a different outfit and people will get upset.

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