Helen Skelton Rises Above Dress Sexism Storm In The Best Possible Way


It’s 2016 and we still can’t seem to get our heads around the fact that women are more than what they wear.

Yesterday, Twitter users went into meltdown after Rio 2016 presenter Helen Skelton wore, God forbid, a short dress on live TV.

Skelton, who was sat with co-host Mark Foster, wearing shorts, and Rebecca Adlington, wearing a dress, became the subject of heated debate for flashing a bit of thigh.

But despite the “sexist” uproar, Skelton, 33, has had the last laugh by not responding to the ridiculous tweets and continuing to wear what she wants, when she wants - all while providing top notch coverage of the Olympics.

Skelton, who was covering the Olympic swimming contest alongside co-hosts Mark Foster and Rebecca Adlington, wore a navy wrap dress to present the show.

But unfortunately, rather than focusing on what Skelton had to say, people felt compelled to comment on what she was wearing and the fact that it was distracting them from the sport itself.

Despite the influx of sexism, there were many that stood up for Skelton and noted just how ridiculous other viewers were being.

Sarah Ann Harris hit the nail on the head by tweeting: “If you’re struggling to concentrate on the sport because a woman has a pair of legs, it says more about you than her.”

But perhaps Skelton’s response - or lack of it - was the best thing to come from the media storm, as she proved that she doesn’t actually give a damn about what people think.

She’s still wearing dresses, she’s still providing great coverage and we bet she’s having a better time in Rio than any of the haters hiding behind their computer screens.

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