Helen Wood Injunction: The ‘Big Brother’ Winner And Former Sex Worker’s Most Controversial Moments

The reality TV winner is at the centre of a new media storm involving an actor.

Helen Wood is back in the spotlight again, after it was revealed an actor who allegedly slept with her and kept his identity a secret with an injunction, is to be named in the US.

The court order bars English and Welsh media from naming the A-list star, who was reportedly one of Helen’s clients when she was a sex worker.

However, The Sun has claimed he will be named in an American magazine - five years after he obtained the injunction.

<strong>Helen Wood</strong>
Helen Wood
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Helen is no stranger to controversy, having first hit headlines in 2010, when it was reported that footballer Wayne Rooney had paid her £1,000 for a threesome with her and fellow sex worker Jenny Thompson, while his wife Coleen Rooney was pregnant with their son.

Years after the media storm, she went on to appear on the 15th series of Channel 5’s ‘Big Brother’ in 2014, which she eventually won, but her time in the house was not without its contentious moments.

She has continued to polarise opinion in her weekly online column, published by the Daily Star, and last year also saw her return to the ‘Big Brother’ house for a second highly-criticised stint.

Below, we recount Helen’s biggest controversies since coming to the public’s attention...

Wayne Rooney Threesome
Having been earning money as a sex worker, Helen made the front pages in 2010 when it was claimed Wayne Rooney had paid her for a threesome with fellow sex worker Jenny Thompson.

She later sold her story to a newspaper for a reported £40,000, detailing her encounter with the England footballer, whose wife Coleen was pregnant at the time. Helen later claimed she hadn’t initially intended to sell her story, and only decided to cash in once her name was made public. She added that she had tried to pay for an injunction to stop her being named, after Jenny betrayed their secret.
Helen Becomes A ‘Big Brother’ Housemate
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Four years later, Helen was reported to have landed a place on the 15th series of ‘Big Brother’, with many outlets linking her to a place in the famous TV house.

Come launch night of the 2014 series, she was officially unveiled as a housemate, and bosses faced accusations of fixing the show when she was granted a pass through to the final week of the series on the first night. Fans believed producers were trying to guarantee press coverage for the show by not allowing her to be evicted.
Bullying Accusations
Channel 5
Within her first few days in the house, Helen faced accusations of bullying when she clashed with a number of housemates, including Jale Karaturp and Danielle McMahon. She finally received a formal warning about her unacceptable behaviour when she launched a vicious attack on Matthew Davies. ‘Big Brother’ host Emma Willis also called for Helen’s pass to the final to be removed, adding that she made for “uncomfortable” viewing.
Clashes With Ashleigh Coyle
Channel 5
Helen later met her match in fellow housemate Ashleigh, who was not afraid to stand up to her.

The pair rowed repeatedly after Helen learned of her rival’s “evil plan” against her. However, her fury towards Ashleigh landed her with a second formal warning and fans calling for her to be removed.
Helen Wins ‘Big Brother’
Doug Peters/Doug Peters
Helen’s triumph was one of the most shocking moments in reality TV history, when she beat Ashleigh Coyle to win the 2014 series. Despite being booed mercilessly by the crowd for the entire series - having been involved in some of the show’s nastiest confrontations ever - Helen somehow managed to emerge from the house as champion.

She was soon branded the most unpopular winner ever by 'BB' fans, and Twitter users were quick to slam the result.
Public Spat With Denise Welch
Doug Peters/Doug Peters
In the days following her win, Helen was at the centre of a public spat with ‘Loose Women’ star Denise Welch, who had been heavily critical of her time in the house.

The pair traded blows in the press and on Twitter, with Denise branding her a “bully”.
Helen Victim-Shames Chloe Goodman
Ian West/PA Archive
Helen faced an angry backlash when she victim-shamed ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Chloe Goodman, after she claimed she was groped by Jeremy Jackson in the house. Writing in her Daily Star column, Helen said: “Her blasé attitude in the follow-up episode just didn't match the drama of the initial event. I've got charities going mad over my opinion on Chloe, but here's something, go and look for real victims unlike the panto actress and the girl who got 'raped' by Ched Evans.”
Arrest Over Altercation With Former Housemate Danielle
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In March the following year, it emerged Helen had been arrested over an altercation with former housemate Danielle McMahon, having continued their feud away from the show. Helen revealed that during one scrap, she poured a drink over Danielle, leading to her being arrested.

Writing in her Daily Star column, she said: “I saw red, she'd had the nerve to tweet about me as a mother and my child, then waltz over to me grinning away. Several months later, I get landed with an arrest. Absolutely. Ridiculous.” She was later let off with a caution.
Helen Likens Brian Belo To A Rapist
Channel 5
In June 2015, ‘Big Brother’ bosses announced they would be bringing back three famous housemates from past series as part of a ‘Time Warp’ twist. Helen was later confirmed to be returning alongside series seven’s Nikki Grahame, series eight winner Brian Belo.

Helen wasted no time in making enemies, and clashed with Brian on a number of occasions. Their feud led to a particularly ugly confrontation where she branded him a “psycho” and compared him to a murderer, also telling him he “looked like a rapist”. The argument led to Brian quitting the series, jumping over the wall to escape Helen. While fans called for her to be removed, ‘Big Brother’ only gave her a formal warning.
C5 Boss Slams Helen
Channel 5
After Helen’s latest hell-raising, Channel 5 boss Ben Frow banned her from appearing on the show or spin-off ‘Bit On The Side’ ever again, admitting he thought she was a “bad person” and that 'BB' had made a mistake in allowing her to be a housemate for the second time.

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