17/04/2017 06:31 BST

Helena Christensen Reveals Her Go-To Lipstick And Biggest Fashion Regrets

We've all been there💄

We’ve all made our fair share of fashion faux pas over the years, but who would have thought that one of the world’s premier supermodels and a former Victoria’s Secret angel would have too.

Now Helena Christensen, 48, has exclusively told The Huffington Post UK, that she definitely has some looks that should not be “revisited” any time soon.

Christensen said: “Shoulder pads are not me at all and I think I might have touched upon them very early on. The shoulder pads, the perm, and the frosty pink lips, that should not be revisited.”

Instead she would like to spend the rest of her life in a comfortable jumpsuit and minimal makeup - a cream blush. 

Helena Christensen Designers at Debenhams Collection

Christensen, who is originally from Denmark, explained that she has a clear winner if she could only wear one item of clothing ever again, saying: “I would have a really comfortable jumpsuit and handwash it every night and just you know, keep going.”

And her beauty regime is equally as understated, saying that she has some go-to brands, including Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

Her favourite lipstick is Chanel’s ‘La Fascinante’ in red, she says: “I love bright lipsticks but this one is more on the darker side without being so dark that it makes a statement.” 

Christensen even recommends that this product works all over the face, not just lips, she says: “I think lipsticks are awesome because you don’t have to do anything else to your face. I mean it is a cliché but it works. Women can put them on the dark. And you can use them on the cheeks, dab your finger on it, use them here and there and even on your eyelids.”

Asked what the one piece of fashion advice she would give to other people, she responds, modestly: “I don’t know man, that is hard to answer.

“The most intimate and personal conversations I ever had about fashion would have been Karl Lagerfeld... to hear him talk about Coco Chanel and her style, her perspective and her strong mind and how she basically was in her time, someone who didn’t give a damn about what the norms were. That I think probably made the most sense, and stayed with me. She just seems like one hell of a cool lady.” 

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But for someone who spent her whole life appearing on the front cover of glossy fashion magazines, Christensen says she has no interest in them herself, admitting: “I never said out loud that I love fashion because I am not obsessed with fashion. I’ve lived with it around me. But I’m not that interested in it.

“It’s not that I look at fashion magazines for the fashion.”

Instead preferring to focus on the aesthetics of the models and the photography, explaining: “I can stare at fashion images for hours. I love looking at what different photographers are doing. Now that is super interesting.”