Hellmann's Is Launching An Egg-Free Vegan Mayo In The UK

Vegans rejoice.

From mustard to tomato ketchup, vegans have long enjoyed a range of condiments to shake-up their meals, but some favourite brands of mayonnaise – which is made from eggs – have been firmly off the shopping list. But now, Hellmann’s has announced it will be launching a vegan mayonnaise in the UK next month

Unilever, which owns the brand, told HuffPost UK it will first appear on Tesco shelves from October before rolling out to other major supermarkets this year.

Food industry magazine The Grocer reported the launch and said the company was tapping into the plant-based trend - which, let’s face it, could be a pretty tricky one to navigate for brands that rely on animal products for ingredients.


Hellmann’s has replaced the egg with maize starch according to The Grocer.

“To continue to appeal to new shoppers, we are actively investing in key consumer triggers, which is why we are introducing a mayonnaise that taps into the vegan dietary trend,” Jon Walbancke, marketing director for sauces & condiments at Unilever told the magazine.

The company launched a vegan version in the US and Canada in 2016 but this is the first time it’ll be sold in the UK.

Clarification: We have amended this story to make it clear that other brands of vegan mayonnaise are available.