17/03/2016 12:18 GMT

Henry Cavill Goes Incognito In New York, Proving A Point About Superman’s Alter-Ego

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Anyone? ANYONE?

If you’re one of those naysayers who always insist that Clark Kent’s spectacles are inadequate at disguising the fact that he is in fact Superman, then we think we can finally prove you wrong.

Actually we can’t really take credit, that has to go to Superman himself, aka Henry Cavill.

The actor has shared an Instagram video of him out and about in New York’s uber touristy Times Square, where he managed to go completely unnoticed.


Whilst wearing a Superman t-shirt.

Whilst standing in front of a giant billboard advertising the forthcoming ‘Batman v Superman’ movie.

Proof, finally then, that Clark Kent’s glasses were enough to conceal the Daily Planet reporter’s real identity.

Henry certainly thinks so, captioning the video: “Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman.”

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, starring Cavill, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, opens at cinemas just in time for Easter.

Watch the video below to see Henry go completely unnoticed in Times Square.

Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman

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