The panto star came under fire for a string of remarks he made during the 2016 series of Celebrity Big Brother.
"If they had done this 20 years ago, perhaps that would be bold or brave."
DC Comics hailed the move as a "bold new direction".
The US chat show host was crushed that the president didn't go through with his dramatic hospital discharge stunt.
If you can't quite picture it, someone has drawn a very helpful cartoon.
The internet joined hands in collective thirst to watch the actor construct a gaming PC from scratch.
There are many reasons behind the character’s longevity but chief among them is the myth of the messiah, the hero who sacrifices himself in order to return and bring new hope.
Bubbling up behind it is Superman Returns, another movie tie-in for the film of the same name. This should have been a game
It’s rare that DC and Marvel fans agree on superhero movies. It’s even rarer for them to join forces online. But while the
Yet Justice League was plagued with problems from the get-go. A recent exclusive by The Wrap examined the shocking missteps
As I grew up, I realised that superheroes really did exist. They don't wear capes or spandex, though. You won't seeing them flying in the clouds, riding neon-coloured cars, or swinging across buildings. Some of them wear stethoscopes, some of them wear a uniform and some we will never know their names.
Around supermoons people report more of a feeling of wakefulness, a feeling of being 'supercharged'. The full moon has a reputation for knocking people off balance, stirring emotions leading to 'lunatic' behaviour.
I've always been a fan of classic films, film making in general has always been magical to me. And nowhere does it's history lie more deeply engrained than Hollywood. I remember watching the That's Entertainment series as a child and being completely entranced by the snapshot into the archives and insights into what happened behind the camera.
We always wish movie trailers could just be totally honest about the films they’re advertising, but sometimes it’s not that
Aiden Turner, Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston have got some competition.
He may already have one of the most sought-after parts in Hollywood playing Superman, but it seems Henry Cavill has got his
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Henry Cavill looking ridiculously handsome.