Here's How To Make A Proper Irish Coffee This St. Patrick's Day

And yes, people actually do drink it in Ireland.
Hot Irish coffee with Irish whiskey, which has been topped with cream
Aleksandr Bryntcev / 500px via Getty Images
Hot Irish coffee with Irish whiskey, which has been topped with cream

What’s a successful St Patrick’s Day without an Irish Coffee? But if we’re not planning on going out out tonight, how do we recreate the iconic drink for ourselves at home?

Fortunately we’ve got Ross Creed (who just so happens to be Irish) from Cairngorm Coffee to give us the lowdown.

How To Make An Irish Coffee

First make some coffee using your French Press. We need about 150ml per cup, but let’s make enough for a couple. Weigh out 30g of coffee and put in your French Press with 500ml of off boiling water.
We recommend using something with a good body, like any of Cairngorm Coffee’s green coffee (currently La Esperanza) or even our Guilty Pleasure House Blend which should have enough chocolatey notes to cut through the whisky.
Wait 5 minutes after pouring and then give it a good ol’ plunge before pouring.
With some hot coffee in your cup, slip in however much whisky you think is responsible and necessary - I’d suggest 50ml of Jameson’s finest, alongside a couple of spoons of Demerara Sugar and stir to dissolve/mix.
Next whip up some double cream and float it over the top to create a fluffy hat which makes your top lip look cool when you take a sip. If you’re late for the party you can always just spray some squirty cream over it which I sometimes like to do.

There you have it, a caffeinated hair of the dog/warm up act for St Patrick’s Day – have a good one.