St. Patrick's Day

The cute dogs, cats and even guinea pigs decked out in their emerald best around the world.
Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day with my delicious matcha tea and vanilla green-themed doughnuts! These awesome treats are a healthier baked alternative to deep fried doughnuts and they don't compromise on taste or texture. Finished with an easy icing glaze, you will have a blast decorating these with your favourite designs. You are going to need a doughnut tray which you can find fairly easily online or in your local cook shop.
St. Patrick's Day has become a worldwide phenomenon and an excuse to celebrate all things Irish. With the whiskey industry in Ireland experiencing an unprecedented boom, more people than ever will be pouring themselves a whiskey from the Emerald Isle this Friday.
  6. Remember why you only drink it once a year.  5. Force yourself to order a pint of Guinness. 2. Talk at length about
It's true that the same could be said of Paris, but geography dictates that Paris does not routinely feature on the BBC's main UK weather bulletins each evening whereas Dublin does -- yet it is a blank. The BBC should respond to the real interests of own licence payers, and do its bit for Anglo-Irish relations, by putting Dublin on the map.
"Hey Lewisham Police, maybe get some tact and don't do this"
He isn't happy about the American invasion for the holiday.