St. Patrick's Day Rant From Irish Man Leaves TV Presenters Taken Aback

He won't be celebrating anytime soon.

An Irishman has stunned a group of television hosts after being asked if he was going to the St. Patrick's Day parade.

The 'Midday' presenters looked taken aback when watching the frank response from the local man.

"I'll stay in the back yard with me dog," he says, before continuing to slam the tourists who visit for the day.

"All the Americans are over here," he grumbles, before putting on an American accent and saying: "'Oh my Gawd I love this, I love Ireland!'"

He then continues to swear, while the video censors his foul-mouthed insults.

"They're doing my *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEEEEEP*."

"I'm telling you, I hate it," he says.

It's probably fair to say that he won't be celebrating the St. Patrick's Day parade anytime soon.

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