Lewisham Police Apologise For 'Offensive' St Patrick's Day Tweet

"Hey Lewisham Police, maybe get some tact and don't do this"

Police have apologised for an "offensive" tweet it posed about St Patrick's Day which featured two paris of handcuffs made to look like a four-leaf clover.

Officers from Lewisham Police posted the photograph next to a message which read: “Happy #StPatricksDay #Lewisham”.

Lewisham Police

The tweet to the force's 23,800 followers was later deleted after police were accused of being "racist" - although the majority of Twitter users thought the post was inventive, rather then offensive.

MPS Lewisham later tweeted an apology, saying: “Apologies for any offence caused by our earlier tweet, that was not our intention at all – hope everyone has a great #StPatricksDay”.


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