St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick first came to Ireland as a slave.
If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, YouTube channel Facts have got you covered with this
The cutest leprechaun we've ever seen.
British astronaut has wished the Earth happy St Patrick's Day with a rather stunning picture taken from space.  The 43-year
Police have apologised for an "offensive" tweet it posed about St Patrick's Day which featured two paris of handcuffs made
Once again, St. Patrick's Day is upon us - a day intended to celebrate the wonders of Irish heritage, but sadly commandeered
An Irishman has stunned a group of television hosts after being asked if he was going to the St. Patrick's Day parade.  The
Read more on HuffPost Religion Editors St Patrick's Day is best known for parades, beer, and turning rivers green, but the