People Share The Fashion Trends They Hate On The Opposite Sex - Prove You Can Never Please Everyone


Certain fashion trends you either love or hate - playsuits, we’re looking at you - and the level of ire they provoke in some is frankly hilarious.

As demonstrated by a recent forum on AskReddit, which discussed: “What fashion trend on the opposite sex makes you cringe?”

From retro ‘dos to the dreaded Crocs, the answers are so varied it’s proof you can never please everyone, so rather than considering changing your style to please someone else, just remember: you do you.

Here are the top fashion trends Reddit users love to hate on others:

1. Throwbacks To The 90s

“The return of hairstyles from 1993.”

2. Teeny, Tiny Pockets

“Really tiny pockets on womens’ clothing. Just give them some real pockets to put their phones in so they don’t always look like their phones are going to fall out.”

3. Too Much Of The Fake Stuff

“Excessive fake tan.”

4. Bling

“When men put a small golden chain around their neck or wrist. When I see it, I just know that the two of us are not meant to be.”

5. Is That Someone Else’s Shirt?

“Guys that wear shirts that don’t fit. Finding a t shirt that fits well makes a huge difference, compared to one that’s too loose or too tight!”

6. Lip Injections

“Fucking massive blown up lips. If they’re naturally big, fine! If they’re naturally small, also fine! But don’t blow them up to look like an extra pair of fucking arse cheeks.”

7. Florescent Tanks

“Florescent coloured wide armed tank tops on guys. You look like you belong on Saved by the Bell.”

8. Fake Nails

“Those large, fake nails. They looks trashy and cheap no matter how much it cost you. Plus they’re horribly impractical and everyone I know who wears them is also constantly complaining about them,” one Reddit user wrote.

9. Fedoras

10. Crocs

“There is no one who looks good in Crocs.”

11. Short Shorts

“Shorts where you can see the pocket hanging below the hem of the shorts.

“I get it’s probably meant to emphasise how short the shorts are, but it looks like you’ve got tissues hanging out of your underwear.”

12. Top Buns

“When girls tie a small part of their hair into a bun on the top of their head.”

13. Nude Leggings

“Girls walking around town in skin coloured leggings.”

14. Teacher Trousers

“I hate when girls wear those super high-waist teacher pants.”

15. Pyjamas

“When people wear pyjamas out in public. Your pjs look ‘cute’ in bed but its 1:30pm and you are outside in the real world. [You] could at least put jeans on.”

16. Jumpsuits

“Women’s full body jumpsuits. It looks like a clown on stilts outfit.”

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