03/01/2017 10:53 GMT | Updated 03/01/2017 16:54 GMT

Heroic 'Just Eat' Driver Delivers Lovely Surprise To Sick Customer

More of this in 2017, please.

A Just Eat delivery driver went above and beyond to deliver much-needed medication to a sick customer over the holidays.

The customer had ordered food via Just Eat from Feeley’s Fish and Chip Shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In the additional comments section, she had made a special request for the delivery driver to pick her up some some cold and flu tablets en route to her house.

Needless to say, the kindhearted driver delivered. 

Feeley’s shared a photograph of the receipt on Facebook, showing the note from their ill customer.

It read: “Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin Cold and Flu tablets and I’ll give you the money. Only ordering food so I can get the tablets. I’m dying sick xx.”

Despite the chip shop’s owner originally laughing about the comment (”words absolutely fail me!” they wrote on Facebook), the delivery driver managed to fulfil their duty.

The customer was pleased as punch by the result and later shared a photo of their tablets and pizza on social media.

We love a happy ending.