One person reported having their height recorded as 6.2cm instead of 6ft 2ins, giving them a Body Mass Index of 28,000.
Flu levels are around 95% lower than normal for this time of year. Here's why.
This week, HuffPost UK reader Julia asked: "How long do I have to wait after having the flu vaccine to have the Covid vaccine?"
Over the last five years, flu has killed an average of 11,000 people in England each year.
Here's what to know about a duel infection, how it can affect your health and who's most at risk.
There are growing concerns among medical experts that a “perfect storm” of both coronavirus and influenza infections will hit during the US flu season.
With flu and Covid-19 likely to circulate at the same time this winter, experts worry about the impact this may have.
Who gets to have it for free? When do you need it by? Will it help fight Covid-19? Your questions, answered.
“Patients will want the vaccine as soon as possible and will not want to wait, especially if a second wave is occurring,” says one GP.
The government is gearing up for a significant flu vaccination programme to stop the NHS being overwhelmed if there is a winter spike in coronavirus.