Hilarious Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theory Jokes Are The Reigning Trend On Twitter

"The Kate Middleton reveal on Masked Singer is going to make all of us look silly."

Where is Kate Middleton these days? Down a rabbit hole, vanished through the back of a wardrobe, or what?

Catherine, Princess of Wales, hasn’t been photographed publicly since Christmas, leading many people to wonder where one of the highest-profile women in the world could possibly be. In January, Kensington Palace attempted to quell speculation by announcing the princess had undergone a planned abdominal surgery and would resume public duties sometime after Easter.

The plot thickened over the weekend when Kate’s husband, Prince William, posted a photo of his wife surrounded by their three children. As it turned out, the photo appeared to be highly edited, and multiple news agencies, including The Associated Press, withdrew it from publication.

The mysterious situation has spurred plenty of over-the-top conspiracy theories regarding the princess’ whereabouts. Here at HuffPost, we don’t care about any of that noise. But we do care about the completely bonkers, obviously facetious “theories” that have made scrolling on X, formerly Twitter, a lot more fun.

So here are the crown jewels of a hilarious meme in which people spout off silly hypotheses about the missing monarch. Enjoy the (fake) tea, mates!


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