Christmas Jumpers 2016: Holly Willoughby Wore A 'Willaboobies' Christmas Jumper And It Was Glorious

This is why we love her.

Holly Willoughby has embraced her naughty nickname by wearing it on a Christmas jumper.

The ‘This Morning’ presenter donned a purple sweater emblazoned with the word ‘Willaboobies’ alongside two very strategically placed Christmas puddings.

“Christmas jumper... 😉,” she captioned the snap.

As expected, people went wild over the cheeky design.

“That’s brilliant, are you wearing that on ‘This Morning’? Go on I dare you,” one Instagram commenter wrote.

Another eagle-eyed fan, who also has the surname Willoughby, found the jumper for sale on eBay and wrote that she’d already ordered one for herself.

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