Holly Willoughby Will Not Let Her Fashion Critics Stop Her Smiling

'I do block people when they get a bit sexual.'

Holly Willoughby's 'This Morning' outfits have achieved such a cult status that they have garnered their own Instagram following.

Willoughby, 35, has taken to sharing daily posts detailing her sartorial choices for the day, to satiate demands for knowledge from her fashion protégés.

But with great fame comes great responsibility, and Willoughby has had to learn how to react to negative comments with a response that is as elegant as her footwear choices.

"It does make me laugh," she told Heat magazine.

"If somebody said something really nasty, I don't get too worried about that either because I don't know who that is."

Dress by The Fold and deliah cometics lipstick in hush.

It takes a lot to ruffle Willoughby's feathers - basically if you're not her mum or close friend your criticism won't upset her. But there is one line she has drawn and she will block commenters who cross it.

"Normally when they just get a bit sexual," she explained. "And then I go, 'I don't think that anybody needs to hear that'.

"But that's the only time, not if they don't like my shoes."

Dress by Closet London, Office shoes and NARS lipstick in Niagra.

Willoughby's confident attitude will come as no surprise to her fans who are used to seeing her take on 'This Morning' guests over topics she feels passionately about.

For instance her recent tête-à-tête with the Daily Mirror’s Associate Editor, Kevin Maguire, about the PJS, YMA celebrity threesome injunction, when she defended the couple’s lengths to keep the liaison a secret because of his children’s right to privacy.

Shirt by Massimo Dutti, skirt by Damsel In A Dress, shoes by L.K. Bennett.


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