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Holly Willoughby Clashes With 'Britain's Most Shameless Mum', Cheryl Prudham, On 'This Morning'

'How can you sleep at night?'

Holly Willoughby seriously lost her cool on Tuesday's (7 June) edition of 'This Morning', as she challenged a mum-of-12 over her £40,000-a-year benefits. 

The presenter was far from impressed when guest Cheryl Prudham happily admitted to having more children to increase her benefit payouts during an interview on the ITV daytime show. 

Holly Willoughby lost her cool with Cheryl Prudham on 'This Morning'

Holly questioned how Cheryl was able to sleep at night knowing that she was taking money from those more in need than her. 

Frustrated with Cheryl, who has been dubbed 'Britain's most shameless mum', the star raged: "I would really struggle to sleep at night if I was taking all this money and somebody at the end of the road with disability allowance that was being cut, or they had a young carer who was 14 who couldn't get the education and missing out on their life."

She went on: "I know you're not silly. You know that is the reality, so how can you sleep at night knowing... You know how important your kids are to you. That person with a young carer, that person is equally important to them, but they haven't got that money, because where is it going? Into your pocket."

Cheryl admits to having children to claim more benefits

Trying to shut Holly down, Cheryl responded: "It's not all just going into my pocket thought, let's be honest."

But Holly continued: "But it all adds up, it all adds up together. Do you not think about that?"

Cheryl remained unrepentant, insisting: "Not really no. I think about my kids, my family and that's it."

Phillip Schofield was also not impressed with Cheryl

Holly's co-host, Phillip Schofield, was equally unimpressed with Cheryl, who revealed plans to have a 13th child, adding that she would like to spend any extra money on a boob job.

Wrapping the interview up, Phil said: "Good luck playing the system."

Watch the interview in full below...

It is not the first time Holly has taken 'This Morning' guests to task, as earlier this year, she shut down a journalist as he gave his controversial take on the celebrity threesome injunction

She also famously took on Katie Hopkins during her notorious appearance on the show to discuss children's names

'This Morning' airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV. 

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