The way the benefits system works means savers may have to burn through their nest eggs during the pandemic.
One woman was left with just 9p after the benefit system swallowed half of her redundancy payout.
The government is using a "poorly designed" system which “threatens the rights of people most at risk of poverty", claims Human Rights Watch.
A benefits loophole means students can't get help with funeral costs no matter how desperate they are. Labour MP Carolyn Harris is among those calling for change.
We will need the skills of migrants and refugees in future. They are keen and ready to help during the pandemic, writes Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor.
DWP taken to court over so-called "minimum income floor".
Advertising Standards Authority said it was looking into claims the adverts misled readers.
Human Rights Watch blamed austerity and Universal Credit for the 'surge in hunger'.
“No matter their age, no-one should be made to feel unsafe, be treated with less dignity or separated from their children.”
"Patients and claimants are suffering and continue to suffer as long as these letters are sent out."