‘Hollyoaks’ Spoilers: Osborne Family Go Missing In Latest Stunt Week Twist

Cindy Cunningham made the discovery.

We thought one giant explosion and two deaths was enough drama for this week’s ‘Hollyoaks’, but Thursday’s (4 November) E4 episode saw another shock twist take place, as the Osborne family went missing.

The show will be screened again on Friday (5 November) on Channel 4, and saw the entire Osborne clan disappear from the village.

<strong>What a waste of food... </strong>
What a waste of food...
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Viewers already know that Jack has been harbouring a secret about his brother, Billy, while Eva has been out for revenge on Jack, for denying her a life with her dad.

Her boyfriend Liam Donovan briefly persuaded Eva to let it go, but her evil plan resumed when she saw Jack placing a wreath in the river on the day of Billy’s funeral.

In Thursday’s first look episode, the family - which includes Jack, Frankie, Darren, Nancy, Charlie, Oscar, Esther and Tom Cunningham - were about to have dinner when Jack received a call warning him that someone was going to kill him.

<strong>Can Cindy get to the bottom of what's happened? </strong>
Can Cindy get to the bottom of what's happened?
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Meanwhile, Eva was heading over to do the deed.

Cindy Cunningham then found their house deserted, Marie Celeste-style, with food on the table and a pan still cooking.

Did they manage to escape? Or did Eva get to them first?

Fans will have to wait and see what happens, but we do that OB - yes, Darren Jeffries’ character OB! - will be returning following the incident.

Watch these ‘Hollyoaks’ scenes on Friday 4 November at 6.30pm on Channel 4. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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