Holocaust Skating Routine Performed By Tatyana Navka, Wife Of Vladimir Putin's Spokesman

'Wrong doesn't even begin to cover this.'

The wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has left many utterly dumbfounded when she performed a Holocaust-themed ice skating routine on national television.

Tatyana Navka wore a striped concentration camp uniform, complete with a yellow star of David and striped head covering, to perform on Russian state-owned Channel 1’s ‘Ice Age’, which sees celebrities partner up with professional skaters to perform.

Former Olympic figure skater Navka, who is the wife of Dmitry Peskov, danced with actor Andrey Burkovsky to Israeli singer Achinoam “Noa” Nini’s song “Beautiful That Way”.

The song was featured in the 1997 Italian-language Oscar-winning Holocaust film ‘Life is Beautiful’.

She later posted pictures from the performance on Instagram, saying that the outine was “based on one of my favourite movies” and that it was important for children to know about the Holocaust.

The performance led many to express their disbelief on social media...

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