19/09/2018 13:06 BST | Updated 19/09/2018 15:30 BST

You Can Now Stay In A House Made Of Chocolate (And We Have So Many Questions)

How does it not melt?! 🍫

Chocolate lovers can now stay overnight in a real-life hotel chocolat, which we bet smells absolutely amazing.

Built by artisan chocolatier Jean-Luc Decluzeau and his son, the 18-square-metre cottage is the stuff of Willy Wonka’s dreams. Made from 1.5 tonnes of chocolate, everything from its walls and roof to the fireplace, bookcase and duck pond is crafted from cocoa.

The chalet-style property was a labour of love, taking a whopping 600 hours to create. But, as always, we have questions. The first one being: how the hell does Jean-Luc keep it from melting? And is it, y’know, structurally sound? (We’ve all heard the expression “chocolate teapot”... ).

A spokesperson for, where the stay is listed, said the house is located within the Musee de Sevres, just outside of Paris, France, and has been covered with a thin coat of varnish to keep it all intact, as well as clean.

“Over the summer, the chocolate-maker had to work with the air conditioning on because temperatures reached a peak in France,” they told HuffPost UK.


The beds, floors and the outdoor table are the only areas not made from the chocolatety stuff (because let’s face it, that would not end well).

Sadly, only two select dates are currently available for booking, at the bargain price of €50 per night. At 10am on 26 September 2018 a new night will become available for 6 October 2018.

The good news is the house can accommodate up to four guests – and children are welcome. Which prompts the most important question of all: is it edible?

“Guests will be able to eat some decoration items such as books, chandeliers and candles,” a spokesperson revealed.

After checking in, they can also participate in a workshop dedicated to the creation of personalised mini chocolate homes led by Decluzeau himself.

“Some surprises will be added and each guest will have more than enough chocolate to eat as we will replace all the things that guests would have eaten on the first night,” confirmed the company.

Those lucky enough to stay overnight will also be treated to dinner and breakfast, served in the cottage’s chocolate flower garden where there’s a duck pond made from white chocolate. Incredible!

Just don’t invite Augustus Gloop.