Houseplant Lovers – Bring Life To Your Bathroom With These Plants

The cottagecore dream is just a few plants away.
Carol Yepes via Getty Images

7 in 10 millennials consider themselves to be ‘plant parents’ and for all the many grievances that older generations have with us, you have to admit, we’ve nailed the whole ‘keeping plants alive’ thing.

Our living rooms, bookshelves, bedrooms, and windowsills are full to the brim with these blooming beauties but have you considered adding plants to your bathroom to bring vibrancy and life to the room? There are some plants that are in fact perfectly suited to dark, humid environments that you can slot right in!

Helpfully, RootGrowings on TikTok has collated the best ones to start with.


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So, what are the best plants for bathrooms?

Golden Pothos

This plant is made up of sprawling, heart-shaped vine leaves and will make a perfect aesthetic addition to your bathroom cabinet. Additionally, the plant thrives in low-light and high humidity, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom.

Pathos plants also purify the air and help to eliminate odours which, uh, is handy in a bathroom. No further comment needed, really.


Similar in appearance to spider plants, tillandsia plants absorb moisture from the air making them an ideal choice for bathrooms. RootGrowings recommends mounting them on driftwood for a unique stylistic touch!

Tillandsia and other plants can also remove mild toxins from the air such as paint and smoke.

Asparagus Fern

This elegant plant is aesthetic goals for your bathroom. It thrives in high humidity and doesn’t require too much TLC, just make sure that proper drainage is in place so that it doesn’t get root rot (when the roots die due to over-saturation).

It also releases oxygen and purifies the air, making it a perfect choice for a sometimes stuffy room!