How High Can A Drone Fly? Enthusiast Flies Drone To 11,000 Feet

The UK's legal height restriction for drones is just 400 feet...

Do NOT try this at home.

An enthusiast has flown an off-the-shelf drone to over 2 miles above the Earth's surface while capturing the entire flight on video.

Popular Science reports that the enthusiast Tollymaster uploaded the full video onto YouTube before hastily pulling it down.

While it's hard to deny that the video footage is stunning, it's also incredibly illegal, and extremely dangerous.

UK drone flying regulations prohibit the flight of a drone over a height of 400 feet, something that's put in place for a very good reason.

This pilot flew past that ceiling by quite some margin with the DJI Phantom reaching a height of 11,000 feet.

With an increased spate of incidents regarding drones being flown either above the flight ceiling or into restricted areas such as airports it seems highly likely that the authorities will be looking to track down the pilot.

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