People With Down's Syndrome Answer The Most Googled Questions About The Condition

'How long do people with Down's syndrome live?'

People with Down’s syndrome are breaking down misconceptions around the condition by answering the most common questions people ask Google.

The video series, created by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, features 40 short clips each answering a different question, such as: “How long do people with Down’s syndrome live?”

“Today a baby born with Down’s syndrome can expect to live to the age of 60, or beyond,” Jan, one of the volunteers with Down’s syndrome, explains.

“But honestly I don’t know how long I’m going to live any more than you do.

“I’m 42, but I think I have good things left in me, I will spread my wings.”

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

By educating the public, the videos aim to end stereotypes around the condition such as “people with Down’s syndrome are always happy”.

“They’re like everyone else who have feelings. They also have ups and downs,” says Krystal, another of the participants.

“They can feel happy or they can feel sad.”

Krystal also answers the question: “Can a person with Down’s syndrome get married?”

“It’s not just for people who don’t have Down’s syndrome,” she says.

“They’re like everyone else who wants to get married. I hope to one day.

“I haven’t found Mr Right yet, but I hope to.”

The series also includes questions asked by children such as “can people with Down’s syndrome ride a bike?” and “can people with Down’s syndrome learn to read?”

Caleigh makes the answer to the latter question perfectly clear, by reading from her book.

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

The overall message of the series is simple: people with Down’s syndrome aren’t so different from everyone else.

You can view all 40 videos on the Canadian Down Syndrome Society website.

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