How Many Calories You Burn Playing Pokemon Go

One hour = one packet of crisps.

Pokemon Go has received plenty of praise for getting people off their sofas and encouraging them to move more.

Now, experts from Bupa UK have calculated how many calories you burn off while tracking down Pikachu and co.

If you’re looking to burn off last night’s pizza, we’re afraid you’ve got a fair bit of work to do. As in, a whole day of walking about.

m-imagephotography via Getty Images

According to Bupa, those who play for one hour per day will burn off approximately 190 calories, which is the equivalent of a packet of crisps.

Those who spend their entire day playing it, which is probably quite likely over the summer holidays, will burn off around 1,130 calories. That’s the equivalent of an entire pepperoni pizza.

Meanwhile people who play Pokemon Go for an entire weekend are estimated to burn off 2,260 calories - or a whole chocolate cake.


The infographic also reveals how many calories you burn when travelling a certain distance - whether that’s 2km, 5km or 10km.

“We are always advocates of finding engaging and safe ways to encourage more people to leave their desks or the comfort of their sofa to get out and about,” Rob Edmundson from Bupa told The Huffington Post UK.

“Some small changes to your lifestyle can make a big, positive difference.”

He added: “Many smartphone apps and other wearable technologies are now doing a great job in bringing people together, creating new communities and making it easier to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing.”

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