How Much Money Can You Make On Instagram? A Lot, Apparently.

Instagram models’ earnings exposed.

The earnings of fashion bloggers, models and influencers on Instagram has been revealed.

Mashable spoke to a spokesperson for Influencer Marketing Agency (which match the Insta-famous with paying brands) who exposed just how much money a huge follower count is really worth.

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According to the spokesperson, influencers can earn anywhere from £100 to £100,000 per post.

These fees are “highly dependent” on the person’s audience and which social media platform it will shared on.

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But even Insta-celebs with over a million followers are making small change compared to Queens of Social Media: the Kardashians.

Earlier this year, an anonymous marketing mogul told Page Six that the Kardashians can earn $400,000 (around £325,000) per Instagram post.

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Brb, changing our surname to Kardashian.

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