This Is How Often You Should Be Cleaning The Most Neglected Parts Of The House

Yes, light switches and fridges need cleaning too.

When it comes to cleaning, most of us are pretty good at the basics. But we swiftly forget that other areas of the home need cleaning too - you know, like behind the fridge. *Shudders*

To help you achieve domestic bliss, retailer Moshells has created an infographic about how often you should be cleaning things like light switches, door handles and your pet’s bed.

“If milk spills, we wipe it up. But for many areas in the home, there’s a lack of awareness about what to do and how often to do it,” the team wrote.

Without further ado, here are the items you should be cleaning a little more often.

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1. Pet Bowls

Pet food and water bowls should be cleaned daily, as unwashed food and water containers attract pests and can make your pet sick.

Most bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, however you should ensure that you’ve rinsed it thoroughly to get rid of soap.

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2. Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinets collect dirt, germs and grease so wipe them down with a cleaning product on a weekly basis, especially in areas where they are exposed to the mess of cooking (for example, near the oven).

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3. Curtains

If you have curtains in your home, you should ideally be cleaning them every couple of weeks as they collect smells, dust and dirt.

Moshells suggests vacuuming curtains gently with a brush attachment to remove dust. For those that need a deeper clean; hand wash, machine wash or steam them (depending on curtain material and cleaning instructions).

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4. Sofas

Dust builds up quickly and is easily caught on furniture, especially when you own pets. To clean it, vacuum with a brush attachment and use a hose to get into the crevices. Remove cushions, vacuum them, and vacuum under furniture too.

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5. Light Switches And Doorknobs

Both collect a “dizzying” amount of germs through daily use. Wipe them down with a cleaning product every two weeks.

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6. Pet Beds

These should be cleaned fortnightly as they collect hair, dandruff and dirt. Firstly, vacuum them and then remove the cover. Follow instructions for washing, ensuring you wash separately from clothing.

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7. Bath Mats

It can be difficult to know how often you should be washing bath mats but the general advice is that you should do it every two weeks. Mats develop mildew, especially if left damp, which also retain dirt and germs.

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8. Mattress Covers And Pillow Covers

These should be washed monthly in your washing machine (check the labels first) to keep them fresh.

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9. Dishwasher

While your dishwasher is effective at washing plates and cups, it needs its own deep clean every now and then as dirt, food and grease can build up over time. Moshells recommends cleaning it properly on a monthly basis.

To do this, they say: “Remove the filter, soak and clean. Also run a heavy clean cycle with vinegar, then leave baking powder in the machine over night before running the machine again.”

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10. Children’s Toys

Toys gather germs pretty quickly and are primarily handled by kids, who have vulnerable immune systems. It is recommended that parents clean their kid’s toys every month. Some stuffed animals can go in the washing machine on a delicate cycle while plastic toys can be wiped down.

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11. Surroundings Of Washing Machine And Dryer

Yes, your washing machine and tumble dryer need a little clean too. Dust and dirt can gather behind and under machines which, according to Moshells, can increase the likelihood of electric fires. The team recommends carefully vacuuming around, behind and under the machines, especially near outlets and electrical cording, every two months.

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12. Kitchen Bin

Your rubbish bin can build up old food spills and bacteria. To prevent it from smelling bad, rinse it out with warm water and soap - either outside with a hose or in the shower.

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13. Cooker Hood / Extractor Fan

The hood circulates air during cooking while the filter collects grease and particles. Every three months, remove the filter from the hood and ‘swish’ (rather than scrub) it in a sink of hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and put it back.

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14. Tumble Dryer Vent

The vent in the back of the tumble dryer can build up lint over time. Every three months, use a dryer brush kit to remove lint from inside the vent cavity.

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15. Fridge

Every three months, soak drawers and shelves in warm water with washing up liquid. Clean the inside of the fridge with a sponge, using baking soda on harder stains.

Cleaning your fridge lessens chances for food poisoning and counteracts buildup of germs and bacteria.

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16. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures collect dust, dirt and bugs and dust can dim lightbulbs as much as 30%. Every six months, switch off electricity, dismantle the fixtures and clean carefully with a damp cloth or soap and water.

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17. Shower Head

Buildup in the shower head can lead to poor water pressure. To combat this, remove the shower head and soak in white wine vinegar twice a year.

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