Misogyny and sexism play out for women at work and at home – and it's exhausting.
Five grand may be a little stingy. In the UK, women carry out 60% more unpaid work than men – isn't it about time that was recognised?
Some people advise putting them in the freezer instead of the washing machine.
When it comes to cleaning, most of us are pretty good at the basics. But we swiftly forget that other areas of the home need
The fact is, it is not even the weight of the workload on your child that matters. What matters is that they learn that this thing is their job and they have to do it daily or weekly. When you look all these benefits of doing chores at home, it is easy to see how doing chores can help your child develop habits and qualities that will cause them excel in academic, business and career pursuits in later life.
The connected home is on the rise, with nearly 30 million households in the US projected to add more smart home technology over the next year. And whilst the US is leading the way in smart home adoption, the UK market is also growing and is expected to increase more than sevenfold between 2015 and 2020.
Well, contrary to all expectations (mainly mine) I am entertaining a gentleman. Not right now; I'm using both hands to type
If you loath spending your weekends doing housework, listen up. Experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed